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Dear contributors,

if you plan to publish an article among our “Media Observations”, we ask you to take heed of the following notes. All manuscripts are checked by our staff of editors, and receive answers detailing further steps (plans for publication, requests for rewrites or rejections).


We publish academic papers as well as essays and journalistic contributions. Please focus on readability; we hope for texts that “work”, preferably texts that are intelligible without extensive previous knowledge of each special subject.

If your contribution is an excerpt from some longer work (book, thesis etc.), please add a note explaining who to access the longer version (link, email).


Submissions in German and English are welcome. Depending on our interests, your wishes and other existing publications of your text, we might offer to accompany your English or German text with a translation in the other language. Texts already published elsewhere in English can be considered for republication in German in the “Medienobservationen”.


...coming soon...

What happens with your texts.

In case of publication, your texts will be available to a world-wide audience. You retain all rights to your text, and you are fully responsible for its contents for all legal purposes. If you intend to publish the same text in print at the same time or after it is published in the “Media Observations”, we recommend discussing this with your print publisher, and we in turn would appreciate any information on further or other publications of your text.


... we are looking forward to your contribution and welcome any and all ideas, suggestions and recommendations that can help us improve the “Media Observations”.

Media Observations Staff of Editors