Editorial [german version ]

Our electronic publication of “Media Observations” is aimed at any and all readers interested in the depiction, analysis and criticism of arts and media.

The different styles of various contributions is set to meet the requirements of students as well as scholars of media theory.

The allusion to a detective’s “observations” signals a certain playfulness accompanying the general seriousness we strive for. Sometimes in an almost journalistic fashion, our efforts try to be friendly to readers, as one core issue of internet use is filtering the masses of data offered to receive useful information. All contributions are headed by a list of key terms and begin with a summary in the form of an “abstract”.

Wherever we publish excerpts from longer, more extensive works (essays, presentations, M.A. theses etc.), we add an address or link pointing towards the full version.

As the use of an electronic “publication” is not least in its interactive usability, we would like to emphasize our invitation to send answers and comments, often and intensively – or to offer your own articles for publication among the “Media Observations”.

By now, the German "Medienobservationen" have become a publication widley known and even renowned. We continue our observations in two languages, ever on the watch – and on the watch for electronic mail from you.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheffer and Prof. Dr. Oliver Jahraus as chief editors